our story

A collaboration between two cousins. Praia Eyewear was born in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. After searching far and wide for a premium quality pair of sunglasses, we found there were two types of sunglasses; the cheap flimsy “wear it for the summer type”, or the absurdly priced name brands. We found that South Africa needed a high-quality, long-lasting pair of sunglasses, that was affordable. A premium crafted eyepiece using the best materials with a classic, timeless design, designed for those who live by the sun. And so, Praia was born. Sunglasses that promise the highest quality materials from Italy, a classic, timeless design, polarized, UV400 lenses, and hand-made craftsmanship at an affordable price.

timeless design & craftsmanship

With our unique styles, timeless and classic designs and attention to detail, Praia oozes quality and style for any occasion. We’ve designed our collections with influence from some of the sunny coastal regions that we’ve visited; Clifton, Algarve and Portofino. Each of our collections is curated to be unique, stylish and highlight the awesome frame designs.

our frames

Using only the best quality materials, we have handcrafted our frames to last a lifetime. Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate sourced from Italy is the best of the best and used in the design of our sunglass frames giving it a unique depth of colour. Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate is of natural plant origin and considered a sustainable and eco-friendly material, rivaling other cheaper petroleum-based plastics and rubberized frames used in many other eyewear brands. Unlike plastic and rubberized materials, Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate is more durable, doesn’t easily snap and doesn’t disintegrate at the ends. 

our lenses

We either use TAC or CR-39 lenses. Our TAC lenses offer excellent optical quality, protection, and clarity, and are polarized and UV400. The CR-39 lenses are lightweight, have supreme clarity, are durable and scratch-resistant, and are UV400, offering 100% UV protection. Designed for those who live by the sun.